Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation 2

“It is unreasonable to expect that people will change their behavior easily when so many forces in the Social, Cultural, and Physical environment conspire against such change” – Institute of Medicine

Potential Goals:

Change social and cultural gender norms through:

  • Use of social norms theory
  • Media awareness campaigns
  • Working with men and boys

 The Spectrum of Prevention

Individual Knowledge and Skills

Convening: Prioritized Strategies

  • Mentor and model appropriate online behavior for both young people and adults

Community Education

Convening: Prioritized Strategies

“Community engagement is key to any successful movement

  • Build on community assets
    • Prevention messages rooted in community needs and priorities
  • Increase resilience
    • Support healthy norms and counter fear-based messages

Community Level Coalitions and Networks

  • Community/State Level
    • Organize child abuse prevention coalitions that include representatives from multiple disciplines
  • National Level
    • Develop a rapid response media network to spread prevention messages
  • All Organizations
    • Enact workplace policies that support the family unit
  • Youth Serving Organizations
    • Implement organization-wide youth development curricula that is comprehensive and positive
  • Incorporate Quality Prevention Strategies in Current Policy
  • Hold Industry Accountable
  • Adopt Mandates for Prevention Efforts



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