Ten Rules for the Road: Rule Seven

Rule No. 7

Sex, Sin, and Self-Control

True or false

T          F        1. Everybody is doing it, so it must be okay.

T                          F          2. If your mate is cold or unresponsive, then you have an excuse to have an affair.

T          F        3. If you are a single person, it is all right for you to go out and sleep

with someone.

T          F        4. An affair can be good for a marriage and revive a dull one.


  1. How does our world view and sell adultery? What is adultery?
  2. Who invented sex in the first place? (Genesis 1:27-28; 1:31; 2:24-25) What is significant about the fact that sex came before sin? What kind of lovers do you think Adam and Eve were in the garden? What does the Bible mean when it says they were naked and unashamed? (Genesis 2:25)
  3. When the Bible says the male and female came together and became one flesh,

Is this physical, emotional, or spiritual? What do you think?

Note: The devil takes what God has already created and tries to get us to pervert it and misuse it. Sin always diminishes pleasure, and that is why, in sexual sins, people have to keep seeking new adventures to get any pleasure.

  1. Read Proverbs 5:1-23 and write down several consequences of the misuse of our sexual gift.
  2. Talk about the following seven things that adultery is against:
  3. Against love
  4. Against the other person
  5. Against your own body.
  6. Against your emotional health
  7. Against our self-esteem.
  8. Against the church.
  9. Against God.
  10. What are we told to do in 1 Corinthians 6:18? How do we do this?
  11. Four things that will help you flee from sexual sins.
  12. Stay away from pornography.
  13. Control your thought-life.
  14. Stop when you are tempted and talk a long look.
  15. Accept God’s moral laws as absolute and suitable for yourself. When is the time to decide you will live a clean life?
  16. What is the answer for someone who has fallen into sexual sin? (John 8:1-11)

How would you help this person?

#ponder #reflect #observe #answer #truthfully all the questions posed in Rule No. 7. Join me for Rule of the Road No. 8 tomorrow, the Good Friday.  Enjoy the passion Week.

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