Prime-Time Principles: 6 (The Final)

The Joy of The Lord Principle

Luke 2:10: According to the angels’ announcement at Jesus’ birth, what did He come bringing?

The Bible describes Jesus as being full of what? (Luke 10:21)

In Hebrews 12:2, what did joy help Jesus go through with victory? – The gift of joy

According to Nehemiah 8:10,
1. What is prophesied that we will have?
2. What is one of the reasons the Bible is written, according to I John 1:4?
3. What does the psalmist in Psalm 16:11 teach us about where we could find joy?
4. Share ways that you come into the presence of Jesus and have your joy refilled.

When we are in fellowship with Jesus, the joy of the Lord becomes our strength. Don’t let the devil rob you of your joy.

1. Who is the thief in John 10:10 that is out to rob you, kill and destroy your joy?
2. What are some ways that Satan tries to rob you of your joy?

Talk about this statement: It’s the little things that get our joy. (List some of the little things that have taken your joy in the last two weeks.)

1. Why does the devil want to get your joy?
2. What happens to you if you lose your strength?
3. What can the devil do then?

In Philippians 4:4,
1. What do we learn?
2. When are we to do this?
3. What if I don’t feel like it? What is the result?

I will start tomorrow another series titled: “Christianity within the Context of Historical and Contemporary Expansionism.” Join me as usual and share my website.

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