Politics, Religion, and Feminine Discrimination in Africa 1

Africa is one of the world’s seven continents and has the most significant number of the ‘Negroid’/black, one of the three major races. Others are White/Caucasian and Mongoloid/Asian. Australoid was added as the fourth race, based on a racial classification made by Carleton S. Coon in 1962. The United Nations, in a 1950 statement, opted to “drop the term ‘race’ and speak of “ethnic groups . Politics, and Religion in African perspective is complex and varies to a certain degree from the general views of other Ethnic-Groups.

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My aim here is on the historical feminine’s Discrimination and inequality politically and religiously in Africa. Women’s story – economically, politically, and religiously includes studying the history of the growth (and decline) of women’s rights throughout recorded account. The Millennium Development Goals Summit in 2010 stated that “investing in women and girls has a multiplier effect on productivity, efficiency, and sustained economic growth. The World Bank at different forums has shown that increasing women’s access to quality education, good jobs, land, and other resources contributes to inclusive growth, sustainable development, and long-term prosperity. Women in Africa face the most stressful period of their lives in economic deprivation, political/religious Discrimination, acts of terrorism that have led to the death of their husbands and sons. Today, more women have become breadwinners. They take on more work to cushion the impact of the economy on their families despite a lack of personal economic security and wellbeing.

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All over the world, women have been fighting for their rights: the right to education, right to suitable employment, right to vote, and right to be voted for among many political, economic and social ‘Rights .’International Women’s day is celebrated in many countries worldwide on 8th March every year. It is a day when women’s achievements are recognized without regard to ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic, or political divisions. It is an occasion to take stock and appreciate the present by comparing the struggles and accomplishments of the past. It also gives the women the opportunity to look ahead to opportunities that await them in the future.

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