Political Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Poi) – Part Two

Political Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Poi) – Part Two:

POI needs surgical treatment and political education for leaders and followers, including non-political voters


Spiritual and physically healthy politicians must take a stand to achieve morality, selflessness, justice, and integrity in Politics and government, without which this generation and the coming generation may never have a taste of peace, security, and even prosperity in our Country. There is a widespread satanic encroachment in all public institutions of our Country.

Our conscience is God’s programming for us to know His will. That is why so many people today suffer from guilt complexes – they are operating against what their conscience tells them is correct. As long as we rely upon our accomplishments or bow to the world’s idols to gain peace or a sense of worth, God cannot work in and through us, because it is only in our weakness, yes, in our dependency upon Him, that He chooses to work and to give us inner-contentment.

Who is to stop the spread of POI? You, I, all of us, are to enthrone righteousness in politics. We are all political animals. You are part of the system if you cast your vote in any election. Your lone vote can build on a foundation of righteousness; using your vote wisely, voting the personality with integrity and character according to the dictates of your conscience. Character is the total of personal traits an individual possesses that make him what he is. The character references moral qualities, ethical standards, and principles, which guide a person’s conduct and cause him to choose one course of action over another. One vital aspect we must consider is the concept of honesty and integrity in the politics of any nation.

The dictionary defines integrity as soundness of moral principles and character, uprightness, and honesty. Integrity means living by laws – both God’s laws and society’s. Integrity presupposes a situation and a desire to live by it. A person who lives by integrity will aim to do right and wrong no one. His conscience will be apparent towards God and Man. Politicians must learn to walk with integrity, blamelessness, and conscience. Some people act against what their conscience tells them for so long that eventually, their conscience becomes numb – seared – no longer sensitive to right and wrongThe election is an integral part of politics. Election involves moral responsibility. Politicians must see their elections to offices as special privileges; they should see them as participation in the purpose of God in the world.

Many people are deceived on this matter. They wrongly assume they will not face the consequences of the “daily seeds” they are planting. To hold such an inaccurate perspective is a mockery against God, who established this principle. “Do not be deceived; God is not mocked.” Every person sows spiritual seeds every day of their life. Either seed of “his flesh” or “the Spirit.” We need to answer some salient questions: Is there really a relationship between politics, leadership, and economic growth and development? Is there a discernible relationship between effective democratic institutions and fair elections? It has been observed in truth that elections, governance, and economic development all have a positive relationship. Also, the positive synergy of internal party democracy and effective democratic institutions will produce Nigeria’s desired elections. No one can afford to sit on the fence; the election period concerns all of us as active or passive participants. It is not an understatement that Nigerian Political Parties have no internal democracy.

Intra-party Democracy Influences Inter-party Democracy and the Credibility of Elections. It is a pity that the so-called opposition is a bad loser; no matter how credible an election result is, once the result is not in their favor, they reject the result and work against the acceptability of such an election result. The fact of the matter is that we believe our planning, selling ability, or talent brings political success; thus, we, like Israel, tend to take credit for ourselves. It is only God that enthrones, and that is why losers should, in good spirit, accept election results unless there are clearly proven discrepancies. Such discrepancies have been corrected in Courts. But there is no reason to bring the entire Nation into disrepute just because your political party loses the election. The election is a game you win or lose; contenders must understand and uphold this.

Internal Party democracy plays a significant role in the quality of leadership produced, which affects governance and economic growth. Those who successfully imposed candidates on the party members during the primaries will also want to try to rig general elections. However, the good news is that credible general elections can still be conducted despite the imposition of candidates at Party Primary Elections. The notion now is that you can be wealthy only by participating in politics. It is just because the fat payments and allowances are unrealistic with an average Nigerian’s meager income. Whatever you think about politicians or politicians think of themselves, the harvest for each person is thereby determined: either “corruption” or “everlasting life.” Now politics have been taken over by idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, violations of Children’s rights, kidnapping, and the like.” These seeds bring forth a harvest of destruction. Such seeds diminish and destroy every life that engages in them; these seeds bring forth spiritual dryness and fruitlessness and cause brittleness of political bones leading to POI.

There is presently no cure for OI, so treatment is directed towards:

  • Preventing health problems
  • Improving independence and mobility
  • Developing bone and muscle strength

Also, a surgical procedure called “rodding” is often considered for people with OI. This surgery involves inserting metal rods through the length of the long bones to strengthen them and prevent and correct deformities. POI also needs surgical treatment and political education for leaders and followers, including non-political voters. We must all be determined to save our Nascent Democracy—no more Demon-Crazy.

In politics, there are no friends or enemies; what obtains is pure ‘Interest’ – I mean permanent interest. Friendship is a strong and rare word in Politics. Let me engage your mind in random thoughts; think, for example, about forming friendships. Many young men are ruined by their enemies, but more by their friends. It is amazing how easily some people form their friendships, how they make them on the line of least resistance, and how they fail to realize what is implied in that mystical and mighty name of a friend. So friendships are lightly and rashly made, and slowly and secretly, character degenerates; until, at last, that friendship, begun in the comradeship of some light-hearted hour, closes the door on a hundred noble things. Or think again of the choices we make politically, socially, and economically—and we exercise our noblest prerogative in choosing. Every morning that we rise and every day that we go forth, our choices make us or mar us. Someday a choice more meaningful than usual comes.

We are face to face with one of life’s significant decisions. And we have not been living on high levels, so we choose amiss, for a man’s whole life is in every choice he makes. Then the days pass, and the issues show themselves, and the choice works itself out in life and character, and a hundred glorious things are tarnished and tainted as the result of one disastrous choice. We never meant to shut out power and purity, but they have receded into the dim distance ever since. We never thought to grow heart-weary and world-weary, but that may follow from one mismanaged choice. But you know, none of us can live on the “glory” of our past.

Like it or not, “yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s ball games.” We need more to hold than that. We must save our Nation from POI. This political disease must be eradicated. “No people can be great who have ceased to be virtuous.” (Samuel Johnson, English poet 1750). Benjamin Franklin picked up on this and said, “There never was a truly great man that was not at the same time truly virtuous.” (1780). But God is moving among us even still. He is summoning people who hunger for that which is virtuous, and your heart is being drawn to God’s higher and nobler things. If that be so, “Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy — meditate on these things.” (Philippians 4:8).

Politicians must never lose their political and ethical compass, regardless of the situation or circumstances. Jeb Magruder, assistant to President Nixon during the infamous Watergate scandal of the ’70s, stood before Judge John Sirica to be sentenced for his part in the crime. “Do you have anything to say,” the Judge asked. Magruder replied, “I know what I have done, and your Honor knows what I have done. I lost my ethical compass somewhere between my ambition and my ideals.”

There is nothing but the disaster that comes when we lose our compass. Edmund Burke, famed British Statesman (1729-1797), said, “When ancient opinions and rules of life are taken away, the loss cannot possibly be estimated. From that moment, we have no compass to govern us, nor can we know what port to steer.” No one can anticipate all the situations one will encounter or the specific answers one will need for the journey ahead. But what one can do is avail oneself of life’s guiding principles, which will help one set their soul to the course God has charted out for one.

My clarion call to politicians is that they open their hearts to God’s Word, and He will fill them with an understanding of such clarity that they will be able to navigate the course of their lives no matter how dark the night, thick the fog, or long the trek – be it filled with calm or strife. God is the only one that will guide them along the Directed Path.



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