Political Imponderables 2

Political Imponderables 2:

Political Righteousness can be done only by the Infusion and transfusion of new ideas, new meanings, orientations, new game plans, and new players. Political Players that are faithful, honest, and righteous can do this, and political players with Conscience, Character, Honesty, and Integrity can do the enthroning.

Yesterday, I enumerated the need to enthrone Righteousness in Politics and the great need to avert the consequences of Political Imponderables. It can be done only by Infusion and transfusion of new ideas, new meanings, new orientations, new game plans, and new players. Political Players that are faithful, honest, and righteous can do this. Political players with Conscience, Character, Honesty, and Integrity can enthrone Righteousness in Politics. Certain acts are directly recognized as universally and unconditionally wrong. Falsehood, for example, is known to be wrong, not from its incompatibility with social well-being but from its very nature. Honesty is seen as right in itself and not because of its financial and social results. Nigeria’s wealth has been hijacked by a few, leaving the majority weak and unable to defend themselves. This Comatose situation is mainly due to unrighteous leadership.

It is imperative, therefore, for a Nation to produce righteous Leaders. Only a righteous leader can rescue any Nation from the current economic and security downstream situation. It is the only way to erase the unrighteous viruses from daily polity. Godly men and women must stand up to achieve morality, selflessness, Justice, and integrity in Politics and government, without which this generation and the coming generation may never have a taste of peace, security, and even prosperity.

In the past, Christians (true believers) had been inhibited from taking a public stand against societal evils by some admonishing that Christians had no business whatever in Politics, even in the face of widespread satanic encroachment in all public institutions. Who is to enthrone Righteousness, then? All of us are to enthrone Righteousness in politics because we are all political animals.

If you cast your vote in any election, you are part of the system. Your lone vote can build on a foundation of Righteousness, using your vote wisely, voting the personality with integrity and character according to the dictates of your conscience. Character is an individual’s traits that make a man what he is. The character references moral qualities, ethical standards, and principles, which guide a person’s conduct and cause him to choose one course of action over another. One vital aspect we must consider is the concept of honesty and integrity in the politics of any nation. The dictionary defines integrity as soundness of moral principles and character, uprightness, and honesty.

Integrity means living by the laws – both God’s laws and those of society. Integrity presupposes a situation and a desire to live by it. A person who lives by integrity will aim to do right and wrong no one. His conscience will be apparent, both towards God and Man. Conscience is essential to a work of integrity. Integrity is fundamental to Righteousness. One must strive towards Righteousness to be able to enthrone it in politics.

Two basic requirements bring peace and blessing to a nation. That is:

  1. The Ruler must be JUST
  2. The Ruler must rule in Fear of God

Evil is so entrenched today that the virtuous, the law-abiding, the innocents, the charitable, and the altruistic are nowhere, while charlatans, swindlers, villains, fraudsters, traitors, dishonorable men & women, murderers, robbers, manipulators, and hypocrites want to be in charge. Nothing is in proper order. Justice in some cases is thoroughly perverted, truth is crushed, and evil repressed good. Politicians must learn to walk with integrity, blamelessness, and conscience. Some people act against what their conscience tells them for so long that eventually, their conscience becomes numb – seared – no longer sensitive to right and wrong.

An election is an integral part of politics. Election involves moral responsibility. Divine Election involves Service to God. Politicians should see their elections to offices as a special privilege, they should look at them as participation in the purpose of God in the world. Isaiah poetically described Israel’s election Mission:

     I have called you in Righteousness.

I have taken you by the hand and kept you.

I have given you as a covenant to the people.

A light to the Nation, to open the eyes that are blind.

To bring out the prisoner from the dungeon.

From the prison those who sit in darkness. (Isaiah 42:67)

The agent of God’s Will is Man, and God’s Will is for us to prosper, to have hope and a future. I have identified Thirteen (13) practical ways to enthrone Righteousness in politics. They are:

  1. Mobilization of masses’ interests in politics.
  2. Promotion and participation of true believers in politics.
  3. Educating the masses on their rights and awakening their consciences to do what is right & Just. ‘Don’t sell your conscience for a pot of porridge.’
  4. Educating the masses on the proper utilization of their votes.
  5. Each person, in different ways, must help to build a stable society for the survival and prosperity of future generations.
  6. All of us are to be law-abiding citizens; no one must give a bribe or take a bribe. All concerned are to pay taxes & levies as at when due. Romans 13:5-8 “Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience. That is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God’s servants who give their full time to governing. Give everyone what you owe him: if you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor, let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellow man has fulfilled the law.”
  7. Organizational bodies to be vocal on sensitive & crucial issues through press releases, debates, seminars, organized talks, workshops, etc., for the enlightenment of the society.
  8. Those in government at all levels of governance to recognize, commend & reward excellence and integrity in private and public services. It will ginger others, to be honest, dedicated & disciplined.
  9. Promoting peace and reconciliatory activities individually & corporately.
  10. To always stand on Justice. “The Righteous cares about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.” Proverbs 29:7. So let us all be on the side of Justice
  11. Refrain from fleshy traits such as Pride, Lying Tongue, Bloodshed of the innocent, wicked plotting, quick to do evil, False Witness, and Discord.
  12. Keep your way pure and Flee from Wickedness & ungodly traits, i.e., Carousing, Impurity, Licentiousness, Idolatry, Sorcery, Enmity, Strife, Jealousy, Anger, Selfishness, Dissension, Envy, Drunkenness & Immorality.
  13. Let us imbibe and pursue Godly Character Traits: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control; Virtue, Knowledge, Temperance, Patience, Godliness, and Brotherly Kindness; Meekness, Hunger & Thirst for Righteousness, Merciful, Pure, and Peacemakers,

I want to share the twelve (12) rules for Godly living. These rules, when imbibed, can change your orientation & views from unrighteousness to enthroning Righteousness in all your ways.

  1. Reject your sin, but never yourself
  2. Be quick to repent
  3. Be honest with God & yourself about yourself
  4. When God gives you light, walk in it.
  5. Stop putting yourself down; you’re contradicting God
  6. Never have an exaggerated opinion of your importance
  7. Don’t always assume that when things go wrong, it’s your fault. Admit when you’re wrong, learn from it, then go on to become stronger and wiser.
  8. Beware of having yourself on your mind too much. Don’t obsess over what you have done, right or wrong; both activities keep your mind on yourself instead of God. Listen to Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in you.”
  9. Take care of yourself physically. Do your best with what God gave you, but don’t be excessive or vain about your appearance – it’s temporal at best.
  10. Don’t allow your education to become a point of pride or your lack of it a source of inferiority. God doesn’t use you because of your I.Q. He uses you because of your ‘I Will.’
  11. Your talents are a gift from God, not something you manufactured yourself, so do not look down on people who cannot do what you do.
  12. Don’t despise your weaknesses – they keep you dependent on God.

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