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#Breaking The Glass Ceiling

‘Dare to Dream!’ Yes! Breaking The Glass Ceiling takes you on the long journey of a female youth determined to break several decades’ political elective glass ceiling. It chronicles her forty-five (45) years of political journey in an African Continent with older men dominance and in-charge of political affairs. Read about her “Inner Game” and determination to ‘bell the cat’ where young men are afraid. Her determination, background, Christian Faith, and achievements based on the “Inner Game” are exciting, engaging, educative, and inspiring. The Book is more than her narratives; they parade women’s hall of fame, historical background of Nigeria, hidden tourism treasures of Ogun state, and a peep into ‘Catch Them Young (CTY), human trafficking, child abuse, and women welfare. The narratives are eyewitness accounts of political and historical events, and the ethos will linger on after reading.

#Satan Is Not Omnipotent

This book: Satan is not omnipotent, is a logical and theological discourse whose aim is to enlighten Christians not to arrogate to Satan powers of absolute qualifies or capabilities that rightly belongs to Almighty God. The Bible records events before Satan’s fall, the weakness of his power under the power of the name of Jesus Christ, and his defeat by Jesus at the temptation. And the great defeat of Satan when the Son of God, the paschal lamb of the Almighty God who took away the world’s sins, hung upon the cross of Calvary. It is not just polemics but a well-reasoned dialectical study, convincing enough to the honest critic of the Christian faith and the atheist who may have been intrigued by science and liberal philosophy. 


Soteriology relates to humans without exception; it is cosmic, national, and personal. It encompasses the Complete work of God, which He did to rescue man from the power of sin and eternal damnation. This book examines the Mediation, Doctrines, Rituals, and Practices of Yoruba Ifa Mythology and Christianity. It critically analyzes the salvation perspectives of the two religions to determine the right mediator to God. in effect, it disproves the widely held claim that God answers all prayers in respective of the medium used and that Ifa truly divines the mind of God. The reality of eternity makes the man desire salvation, but how is this done? The Christian belief is that salvation is perfected only in Jesus Christ, but in Ifa religion, salvation is seen as an ongoing process through rituals and sacrifices through divinities. 

Ifa consultation gives the adherents meaning and purpose for their past, present, and future. The five fundamental beliefs of Yoruba Traditionalists are Belief in Olodumare/Olorun (God); Belief in Divinities; Belief in Spirits; Belief in Ancestors, and Belief in Mysterious Powers. On the other hand, Christianity is anchored on the critical teachings that Christ died for the world’s sins; He arose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and will come again. Therefore, belief in the risen Christ is eternal life (1 John 5:11-13). It is evident that there are common grounds in the two religions, but the mediator differs. Yoruba Mythology refers to Ifa/Orunmila as the Son of God. He faced death on behalf of humanity, just as Christians believe that Jesus is the only ‘Son of God that died for the sins of humanity.

#Anthology of Biblical Doctrine & Modernity

Some people criticize the Bible with a claim of antiquated and not relevant to the modern or postmodern world. Some claim the Bible is a piece of ancient Semitic mythology and unscientific. The perspective of these claims cannot hold when one examines the Mosaic Law and its relevance to the field of medicine. The priests’ duty was to preserve the holiness and prevent contamination by any encroachment on its sanctity. Out of 613 biblical commandments, 213 are related to health or matters of hygiene, which indicates the uniqueness of the Hebrews among ancient peoples in their regulations to ensure social hygiene essential for the health of the community. Many diseases caused by the presence and actions of specific microorganisms within the body are grouped in Germ theory.

#Apostle of Apostles

Biblical Scholars failed to examine Mary Magdalene’s influence on the Gospels with the same vigor that they investigated Peter’s, Paul’s, John’s, and James’. These Scholars persistently ignored or downplayed Mary’s connection with Jesus Christ and discarded evidence that proves that Mary shaped and conveyed the stories of Jesus’ exorcisms in the Gospels.
Mary Magdalene has been portrayed with many faces in History due to her closeness to Jesus Christ. The book proves that Mary Magdalene is nothing like she has been portrayed but an Apostle of the Apostles, Apostolos chosen by Jesus Christ; a well-trained disciple and follower of Christ till his crucifixion and beyond. This book examines the varied representations of Mary in Religion, Literature, and the Arts.

#Spiritual Formation 1

(Spiritual Formation 1 &2): Spiritual Formation helps develop personal character, nurtures spiritual growth, the renewal of spirit, and the revival of future church leaders, and sets them free from the encumbrances’ of the world, flesh, and satanic encroachments. The character needs modulation, which is best achieved in a complementary relationship between theological education and spiritual Formation. Transforming power is significant in shaping a humane personality whose style of church leadership is laced with servant-leadership, Humility, Justice, equity, fairness, and compassion, attributes of Jesus Christ.
These class notes help teach the apostolic injunction and spiritual exercise in students to uphold ‘Christian worldview’ despite hypocrisies, occultism, and fake spiritualists abound in Modern Society. Spiritual Formation is rooted in the corporate prayer and public liturgy of Churches. It then behooves every student in the theological colleges or seminaries to strive for disciplined personal spiritual life consisting of regular times for prayer, meditation, spiritual retreat, and direction.

#Spiritual Formation 2

#The Mirror Image

THE MIRROR IMAGE is centered on cycles of social history and principles that govern human effectiveness. These principles surface repeatedly, and the degree to which people in the society recognize and live in harmony with them moves them toward either survival and stability or disintegration and destruction. The principles are embedded in: 

i. fairness, out of which our whole concept of equity and justice is developed.

ii. Integrity and honesty create trust, essential to cooperation and long-term personal and interpersonal growth.

iii. Human dignity.

iv. Excellence and 

v. Growth is the process of releasing potential developing talents with the accompanying need for principles such as patience, nurturance, and encouragement.

This book demonstrates these principles for Christians to learn from mistakes arising from worldview. The genre is a movie script written as fictional literature with a synopsis.

#Crucible of Gender

The compiled fifty-two (52) articles were written between 2010 and 2011 when I was the Commissioner of Women Affairs and Social Development in Ogun State, Nigeria, under the administration of Otunba Justus Olugbenga Daniel as the Executive Governor. I wrote the articles as a weekly column in the default Gateway Mirror weekly newspaper. The articles are entertaining, factual, and cover multi-disciplines and topics. 

#The Man Upstairs – Unveiling The King of Kings

The book is about God and Mankind. It reveals that unique man who was fully human and fully God. The message goal in this book is to help you understand Jesus Christ fully and commit to giving your relationship with God the priority. You need the book of life (The Bible) as you read through. Hear the Word of God as it is written and be inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Earth (Downstairs) is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for he founded it upon the Seas and established it upon the waters. The ‘Man Upstairs’ has dominion, and He rules over the Nations. Posterity will serve Him; future generations will know Him. They will proclaim His righteousness to a people yet unborn – for He has done it.

#Chasing The Wind Part 1

The principles from Jesus’ teachings govern human effectiveness and natural laws in the fundamental human dimensions. The reality of these principles becomes evident to anyone who thinks deeply and examines the cycles of social history. The degree to which one recognizes and lives in harmony with these principles moves one toward either survival and stability or disintegration and destruction. Christians should concentrate on the absolutes and essentials of Christianity, not forsaking the purposeful non-essentials. Following the non-purposeful, non-essentials are only Chasing after the Wind.

The fear of the LORD keeps the sinful nature in check. The Fear of God causes a pursuit of righteousness to love Him for the ever-expanding volume of His Grace. LORD and LORDSHIP are giving back to God the controls of our lives so that He may use us to accomplish and fulfill His Will. Chasing the wind part 1 is focused on the Home and Family. Family values have been debased, and the string of family unity is overstretched or cut. Husbands cannot be trusted as fathers. Wives are no longer trusted and have faded instead of being inestimable jewels. Children are rude, disobedient, and do not honor their parents. 

Real homes have become rare, especially when many homes parade tenants camouflaging as families. Love is discarded into the baggage bag. Renewal and determination are vital points, but there is the need for a positive paradigm shift toward the Christian doctrine. This book brings in new perspectives using ideas based on the Bible. The book is a contribution to a change in behavioral patterns. Christians should be aware of the traps of Satan that make people chase after the Wind. Relationship with God improves other relationships. 

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