Mary Magdalene in the history of Christianity and Contemporary Culture Series 1, No.1


Mary Magdalene Amid Two Other Female Disciples And Jesus Christ

One of my favorite Biblical Personalities is Miriam of Magdala, popularly referred to as Mary Magdalene. Biblical Scholars failed to examine Mary Magdalene’s influence on the Gospels with the same vigor that they investigated Peter’s, Paul’s, John’s, and James’. These Biblical Scholars persistently ignored or downplayed Mary’s connection with Jesus Christ and discarded evidence that proves that Mary shaped and conveyed the stories of Jesus’ exorcisms in the Gospels.

Mary Magdalene has been portrayed with many faces in history due to her closeness to Jesus Christ. The insinuations of Margaret Starbird in her published books and recorded lectures on Mary Magdalene, Bride, and Beloved in the line of the DA VINCI CODE stirred my desire for thorough research and scholarship about Mary Magdalene; a highly misrepresented woman.

I intend to prove that Mary Magdalene is nothing like she has been portrayed. Still, Jesus Christ chose an Apostle of the Apostles an Apostolos, a well-trained disciple and follower of Christ till his crucifixion and beyond. Before this write-up, I critically examined Mary’s varied representations in Religion, Literature, and the Arts. The central question for me is not “Who was Mary Magdalene?” but how can we read the images of the Magdalene as reflections of varying Religious, Social, and Cultural Norms? The figure of Mary Magdalene will serve as a lens through which we shall examine various issues and themes, including Sexuality, Gender, Spirituality, the Body, Authority, Sin, and Salvation.

Most importantly, I want to prove that Miriam of Magdala, popularly called Mary Magdalene, was an Apostle of Apostles, purified by Christ to serve as an Evangelical Apostle and an example of the type of Disciple Jesus wants us to become.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Certain acts are directly recognized as universally and unconditionally wrong. Falsehood, for example, is known to be wrong, not from its incompatibility with social well-being but its very nature. Honesty is seen as right in itself and not because of its economic and social results. Evil is wrong by its perceptions and inner composition. Mary Magdalene, over the centuries, has been misrepresented. Therefore, it is suitable for some of us who are convinced of her unique role in shaping Christianity to speak up and write convincingly in her favor.

Even though she may not be a recognized biblical apostle, she was an apostle to us females! Female workers in the Lord’s Vine Yard are the seal of Mary Magdalene’s apostleship. It is then imperative for Mary Magdalene to take her rightful place beside the apostles, who also influenced how the message about Jesus was preached and taught. To me, Mary Magdalene was an architect of modern Christianity. Her displaced position in history was due to the Male overriding ego. Women have forever been disadvantaged in contrast to men. The only female revered is Mary, the mother of Jesus, for obvious reasons that she gave birth to the Messiah. She is the only one that they idolized to the extent of making supplications to her, which is actually against the teaching of Jesus that prayers should be offered only in His Name to God the Father.

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