Love and the Home (2)

The heaven-bound love is God’s type of love; unconditional, spontaneous, selfless, loyal, and benevolent concern for the well-being of another. It is also sacrificial love, and it is the type Jesus Christ has for sinners. A Godly home must exhibit the love of God, which is the most excellent way of loving. The home must be cozy, joyful, and filled with happiness and understanding. There must be an outpouring of Agape love in the home. Any home where the love is different from this is just a house. A house only exhibits other types of love and rarely Agape.

There are essentials one cannot afford to neglect in building a relationship, and these essentials are the foundation of genuinely united and prosperous homes. Ephesians 5 characterizes the husband-wife relationship as permeated with love, submission, and order. This relationship between a husband and his wife shows the world the relationship you can have with Christ.

In many marriages today, husbands and wives do not employ the essentials of building a good relationship. The consequences are seen in broken marriages, divorce, and wild and abused children. There are at least five essentials in building a good relationship, and they are:
1. Time
Any growth requires time. If you are going to get to know your family, it is necessary to spend time with them.

2. Communication
The transmission of thoughts from one person to another is necessary to build a good relationship. You cannot understand someone without listening to him talk, nor will you feel understood until you have been heard. Proper communication involves not only transmitting words; it also involves transmitting feelings.

3. Circumstances
You grow to know someone as you observe them in various circumstances. Learning how someone thinks is not an easy task, and it takes difficult times together and enjoyed ones. One must remember that as couples, you come from different backgrounds.

4. Attitudes
In any relationship, your attitude is crucial because it determines your approach to any given circumstance. Attitudes of mutual respect are built on Knowledge about each other, and this knowledge log contains likes, dislikes, failures, successes, and aspirations. A proper attitude is foundational for the growth of a solid relationship.

5. Objectives
All too often, people begin with no objectives and no directions. The building of a relationship should be related to your life goal. Objectives must be clearly defined for them to be attained. It is time now for you to declare your life objectives.


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