Love and the Home (1)

A house is different from home, though the dictionary might give them the same meaning. While a house is just a building to live in, a home is a house you live in with love.  Heavenly homes are for the Children of the Kingdom in the presence of God’s Love.

Homes that are supposed to be havens for families are shattered and have become empty shells. Children are no longer brought up with love and do not know how to respond to genuine love or show it. Family values have been debased. Parents do not live in fear of God. Children no longer respect their parents. Trust has been discarded for suspicion and truth relegated to falsehood. All are in shambles. Shamelessness has taken over the front row, and disarray is the order of the day.

Corruption is the password as marital beds are daily defiled. Pre-marital sex is celebrated, x- rated, and modeled as the norm. Lust is mixed with love. Those who hold on to the truth are criticized and regarded as outcasts. This world is upside down. Earthbound love is just a strong feeling of affection or emotion or a concern for a person.

Love comes in various forms, and each type differs from the other. There are:

  1. Possessive Love that is –
  • Lust of the flesh.
  • Lust of the eyes &
  • Pride of life.
  1. Relational love includes:
  • Parental or filial love.
  • The love between biological relatives &
  • The love between husband and wife.
  1. Reciprocal love that is –
  • The love shown to each other as reciprocal of receipt of love &
  • Agape love, which is also heaven-bound love

Koinonia is the complete expression of love (Agape) relationship with God. Koinonia is the most comprehensive possible partnership and fellowship with God and others. Koinonia with God only comes from a real personal encounter with the living Jesus Christ and surrender to Him as absolute Lord of life. Koinonia with God is an experience of His presence, the fundamental element of Salvation and Eternal life.

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