Justice, Peace and Conflict Resolution 2 (Final)

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There are always conflicts between Justice and Injustice. Justice must be victorious to make peace reign. I feel for the women and children, and I pray for those who suffer and are in danger, especially the children. My clarion call is for a responsive, positive solution other than nonviolent resistance. The nonviolent resistance will bring a rediscovery of Core Values. We all need to go back to the core values. It is the only way for a promising future for the youths.

The human generation must watch out for the continued existence of healthy Youths for the future of a Nation. The thirst for a better life is still effervescent. There is a dire need for a Paradigm shift; a shift from violence to nonviolence; a change from negative resistance to positive resistance; a change from evil to good; a change from hate to love. Gandhi achieved the needed reform in India during his time using nonviolent resistance. In Mahatma Gandhi’s struggle with the British, he opted for the nonviolent approach, and this method succeeded. Niebuhr exposes Man’s potential for evil and the complexity of man’s social involvement, and the glaring reality of collective evil. Economic injustice is an inseparable twin of Ethnic injustice. You cannot be right when you use negative options. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. Certain acts are directly recognized as universally and unconditionally wrong. Falsehood, for example, is known to be wrong, not from its incompatibility with social well-being but its very nature. Honesty is seen as right in itself and not because of its kind financial and social results. Evil is wrong by its perceptions and inner composition. Love develops from the interpersonal relationship. It takes two persons to form an interpersonal relationship, but two cooperating persons make a relational connection with deep Love in their hearts. This same Truth holds for communities or groups.

The world today has become a global village. With all the changes around us, relational changes are the most critical. Globalization forces us to think more about relationships (at least in economics) beyond our provincial boundaries and comfort zones. These relationships, however, focus only on an exchange process (e.g., of labor, goods, and services), not a relational process. This exchange process shows the ways many personal relationships are conducted, even with God. We must be aware that a relationship should be based on Love (koinonia; agape). The simple lesson this relational connection teaches us is to love one another, serve one another, obey God, and do God’s Will and Commands at all times.

Martin Luther King’s conviction was that any religion that professes concern for the Souls of men and is not equally concerned about the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them, and the social conditions that cripple them is a spiritually moribund religion only waiting for the day to be buried. Therefore, Churches must be concerned about the killings of vibrant and proactive youths; unrest and economic insecurity are simply the social gospel.

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I concur that War is a ‘negative good’ at times in that it prevents the spread and growth of an evil force. But it is incomparable to the power of an evil force, and it is incomparable to the power of Love in solving social problems. Mahatma Gandhi, during his lifetime, did Salt March to the Sea and fasted several times to press home his points. Gandhi’s concept was ‘SATYAGRAHA’ (Satya is the Truth equals Love, and agraha is force; Satyagraha means truth-force or love force). That conforms with Jesus’ teachings. It has great potential in the area of social reform. Gandhi was the first person in history to lift the love ethic of Jesus above mere interaction between individuals to a powerful and effective Social Force. Love for Gandhi was a potent instrument for social and collective transformation.

Capitalism failed to see the Truth in a collective enterprise, and Marxism failed to see the Truth in individual enterprise. Today’s Capitalism fails to see that life is individualistic and personal. Love overrides all things. Love for Gandhi was a potent instrument for social and collective transformation. Let us imbibe Gandhi’s Philosophy of Nonviolent Resistance. Martin Luther King Jr. gave us 3-dimensions of a complete life. This 3- dimension is the inward concern for one’s welfare. The Breath of life is the outward concern for the welfare of others. The Height of life is the upward reach toward God, and without the due development of all, no life becomes complete.

God has endowed humanity with tremendous wisdom and capacity for good and evil, which is the whole essence of free will. In unity, man can achieve anything, even the most challenging task. It is like the Biblical Tower of Babel; men can achieve their aim in the unity of Mind, Will, and Emotion, the three faculties of the Soul of Man.

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