Grace of Fellowship 1


In 2004, my son bought his first car in Gainesville, Florida, USA, and we were on our way to the insurance firm to get a cover for the car. On the way, he asked me, “Mom, do you want to listen to a sermon I preached in a Redeemed Church in Tallahassee, Florida?” As usual, I was highly interested because I know my son’s great passion for the LORD. Not only that, he has impressed me a lot with the wisdom he exudes when he talks about Jesus Christ or anything about the Scripture. So, I said, well, let’s listen to the tape. My son said he would like to share with me something before he slots in the tape. Over the years since he became born again (a Believer), anytime he meets anybody who has been regenerated and remained steadfast in Christ for twenty years and above, he usually asks them a particular question. He said he had gathered two typical answers to that question, but one particular answer was predominant.

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I was interested, and I asked him to tell me the question. He said the question is, what kept your faith in Christ going over the years?

The two answers he gathered are:

  1. Fellowship with God, and
  2. Love for God

He said Fellowship with God was a more predominant answer by many and that this started him pondering on ‘Fellowship with God. When the opportunity came for him to share the Word of God in that Church in Tallahassee, Florida, the Spirit ministered into his heart to speak on ‘Oil of fellowship.’

He slotted in the tape, and I listened. I was anointed; I was spiritually refreshed. It touched me, and I was convinced that you must oil Fellowship with God to be passionate about Him. I told my son to find time and write a book on “Oil of Fellowship,” and I hope he will be able to share his thoughts and words on “oil of fellowship” with brethren in Christ one day.

Listening to that tape, I knew the sermon was Holy Spirit-led, and I began to think deeply on Fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. My thoughts as I pondered are written here, may the LORD bless you and direct your heart as you read on.

I will continue tomorrow

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