Gender Debris

Gender Debris:

There is no doubt about it. The fear of the Lord leads to virtuous habits, preventing the waste of life from sin and vice.—Faith’s Checkbook.

God created male & female in the image & likeness of Himself, and God declared “Very Good” at creation. You may then wonder who is in the category of Gender Debris. Or what is Gender Debris? Let us remember that God gave us the Free Will to make choices. Gender Debris can come about with some people selling their souls to the Devil and some out of personal choices. Some, out of no choice of theirs, do become Gender Debris.

 Those classified as Gender Debris include misfits, riff-raffs, Drug Addicts, Runaways, Destitute, Mentally Deranged, and Hoodlums. These are the people on the roads that pollute the environment. The synonyms for Debris include, amongst others: wreckage, remains, fragments, rubble, rubbish, garbage, trash, and waste. Yet we have human beings fitting into these titles. We know what we do with trash, garbage, and waste; we throw them away or burn them. What can we do to human debris that exists in the genders of male, female, and neuter?

My findings discovered external and internal dynamics operational in gender depending on choices, prerogatives, or paradigms. Human Debris cannot be dumped like garbage or waste; dumping gender debris like garbage negates God’s Law of Love and Charity. Why would a man or woman deliberately turn himself or herself into Debris? Honestly, it baffles me.

These Gender Debris have their rights and deserve pity, charity, and rehabilitation. When a baby is born into a family, it is a thing of joy and happiness, a true gift from God. Except for a few born on the streets, like children of lunatics and unwanted children thrown away by their teenage mothers, the birth of a newborn generates immense joy in a home. Yet these do not become gender debris automatically because there are numerous orphanages and motherless homes that adequately care for this group. More often, such children are well-catered for and become good citizens. That is the duty of those concerned to ensure a promising future for such children through adoption into perfect homes.

 The classified gender debris live below the poverty level. In 1995, a World Summit for Human Development was held in Copenhagen (Denmark). The final declaration and Action program ratified at this Summit made poverty reduction a priority of development. The United Nations General Assembly followed this by declaring the 1996 International Year for Eradication of Poverty and the decade of 1997 – 2006 as the ‘First United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty.

In 1996 the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) decided to focus its attention on poverty and drafted the International Development Goals (MDGs) by the United Nations in 2000. The first of the MDG’s aims is to reduce the proportion of the world’s population living in extreme poverty by half between 1990 and 2015. Poverty Reduction is now being recognized as the basis for developing strategies in developing countries.

Yet I genuinely wonder about the cause or causes of Gender Debris. Can we blame the problems on poverty alone? I do not think so; there are others born in comfortable homes of wealthy parentage yet become gender debris out of wrong choices. Some indeed get into this category because of poverty. Some are in the category by accident of birth, and the inability of their parents to care for particular types of birth accidents. Those who get into the category due to wrong choices are drug addicts, self-made hoodlums, loafers, cultists, etc. My question is, what should Society do to rehabilitate the people in the Gender debris category?

I am aware that in some Countries like the United States of America, they have shelter homes for the homeless. A shelter home can be described as a place to take refuge or a temporary arrangement if you are in urgent need or emergency. These shelter homes also serve as government-aided hostels. People who are vulnerable, homeless, or in an emergency can approach their nearest shelter homes. The government’s responsibility is to protect the homeless and neglected members of society. The Juvenile Justice Act empowers state governments to recognize organizations and provide them assistance to set up and shelter homes for children, women, and other people, who need care and protection. These shelter homes also function as drop-in-centers and night shelters for people in urgent need of support. But some still find themselves leaving these homes to roam the streets.

To transform and empower Gender Debris people for the benefit of the State, we must use the following Tools:

  1. Education/Training;
  2. Re-Engineering Tools;
  3. Make-Over; 
  4. Non-Violent method to Scare Straight;
  5. Endearment;
  6. Encouragement;
  7. Passion for development and progress;
  8. Medical information and Application;
  9. Welfare Packages;
  10. Interactive Café Sessions and Workshops;
  11. Feedback Information System;
  12. Transformational Tools.

 To scare straight criminal-minded cultists/loafers and provide opportunities for them to have a total make-over, we must provide them with something to do, i.e., gainful employment or self-sustainability. Restore to them Human Dignity; Design and implement multifaceted programs that use innovative means to reframe issues and channel conflicts toward constructive, win-win outcomes. Provision must also be made for the tough boys/girls, unemployed and unsheltered youths, and opportunities that will transform their lives from static to activity. We must help transform the Gender Debris deals with conflict (Personal or Corporate) away from adversarial approaches and self-destruction toward collaborative solutions: facing Violence, Justice, Religion, and Conflict Resolution peacefully. It is a rare opportunity to develop quality and helpful Human Resources for the Nation. Gender Debris people need moral guidance, discipline, and encouragement for a positive paradigm shift to eradicate crime, poverty, and riff-raffs from Society.

The Core Principles of Change:

  • Transformation 
  • Total Make-Over
  • Scaring Straight to prevent crime
  • Common Ground Approach
  • Human Interdependency
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Empowerment for Self-Sustainability
  • Restoration of Human Dignity
  • Opportunity for Training and Re-training for Competence

Modus Operandi:

We must redefine a tough guy/girl as someone who knows how to handle a situation with their hands and does not brag about being a tough guy/girl in a nasty way on the street. Anyone can bring fear when they are armed. Arms do not make tough guys. Arms that are used in a way to get power and fear are a sign of weakness. To this extent, the modus operandi can be as listed:

  1. Scared Straight

Some people don’t respond to kindness and need exposure to hardened convicts in prisons to change their behavioral patterns. Good kids don’t go into someone’s prison; they need awareness of the result of their choices to make a good choice in life. The Army, The Police, Prison Officials, and other Para-military personnel are needed to assist in this program. The state prison can help to handle out-of-control gender debris and take them into the depths of hell in each city Prison and show them the actual situation of men that are doing life in prison as a way out for a better choice. This wayward Debris will be exposed to the dark sorrow of prisoners and victims of crime to choose better lives. 

  1. Voluntary Registration

A process can be set up for the voluntary registration of unemployed and homeless youths. The list will be computerized to form a database for training, education, gainful employment or self-employment options, and others.

  1. Forced Registration

They will force the Gender Debris found on the streets after the closing of voluntary registration to leave the streets with the aid of the Police Force and register for any available options.

  1. Medical Care 

Most gender debris will need medical attention after being forced out of the street, and psychiatrists and Psychologists will need to assess their states of mind and well-being. Collaboration with the hospitals and psychiatry units is expected to provide necessary medical care for these sets of people.

  1. Improved Personality

There is a need to restore dignity and improve the self-esteem of these sets of people. The arrangement would be made with beauty parlors to clean them up and fix them with clean vestments to restore human dignity. 


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