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Freire’s Steps


Freire’s Steps:

  1. Learn about your audience.
  2. Learn what they already know.
  3. Analyze themes to find out “where they are. “
  4. Figure out how to meet them there.
  5. Allow education to motivate the audience to action. 

  1. Learn about Your Audience

Are you coming to their class?

  1. Learn What They Already Know
  1. Analyze Themes to Find out “Where They Are.

In rape and rape prevention, we know that women are the victims and men are usually the perpetrators. Using statistics from the National Center for Women and Policing

However, that’s not how most young men see it. Who do you suppose they see as the victims based on their comments? MEN! And who are the perpetrators? WOMEN who are falsely accusing them of rape. Often, men see themselves as the victims of sexual assault! It is CONTRARY to what we know about sexual assault. Young men see the whole rape prevention thing backward! So what do we do? It is a salient question.


I will discuss Steps 4 & 5 tomorrow.


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