Family Values (2)

Family Values (2)

How can we affect a Change?

Change is the only thing that is constant in life. Each of us must determine to make a difference in our own lives, in our homes, and then a positive change will come in our society.

Families are to spend time together.

Time and love are what children want most today from their mothers and fathers. Doing routine tasks together is highly appreciated by children, such as reading the Bible together, playing together, reading them stories, going on picnics, doing dishes together, working in the garden, cutting firewood, going camping, or just being there for them. A family must stay close as a knit family, spending time together.

Families are to set definite limits.

Children want order in the home, and it may mean some tough love and discipline at times. A discipline is a risky form of love because the child often rejects the one administering it. However, when discipline is given relatively and in love, children don’t complain. Someone once said that discipline is one of the most durable gifts we can give our children. King Solomon, using the wisdom God blessed him, wrote: “He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly.” (Proverbs 13:24). Definite limits are not for children alone, parents must also set limits for themselves. Husbands must know their limits and lovingly keep them, just as wives must know their limits and respectfully keep them.

Be the right model

Someone once said, ”Do as I say and not what I do”. It is not Biblical. Christians must be role models to their children. Parents must live and say what they believe. Be genuine. Children have a way of spotting hypocrisy immediately, and they don’t like it. It has often been said that the best thing fathers can do for their children is to love their mothers truly. Showing affection and love openly to your spouse is a sure way of getting your children to understand love and appreciate it.

Show your kids how much you value them.

Parents must consistently demonstrate love and respect. It involves being a good listener, speaking in respectful tones, expressing appreciation for something well done, and showing affection (appropriate touching regularly). Resist the temptation to “preach” to your children, and think of what it takes to make you feel valued and do the same to your children.

Let your children choose when appropriate. 

Do not be overzealous and domineering but make sure your children understand that each choice has consequences, good or bad. They must learn to accept responsibility for their choices, and it is not always the loving thing to do when we shield them from suffering from their own choices.

Pray! Pray! Pray!

Let your children know you as a prayer warrior. Always pray for your spouse, children, and yourself. You need God’s help to make sure you do and say the right thing at the right time. And your children need God’s protection from Satan’s temptations across them constantly. Prayer is the master key; hand it over to your children. Let them know the efficacy of prayer and teach them to pray in all circumstances with thanksgiving to God. The best gift to our children is the gift of our prayers. It is a gift of tremendous power that has definite eternal consequences but costs nothing but our time.

God will grant our society actual family values based on His word in His infinite mercy. Amen! God created the family. He played and talked to the first family in the Garden of Eden before the fall. Jesus Christ has redeemed us by making himself the final sacrifice to reconcile us back to God. It is an excellent opportunity for the family. We must never let it pass us. Give your life to Christ today and be redeemed and regenerated to become a child of God and your family to become a family of God.

 Stephanie Coontz explains in the book, The Way We Never Were:

Pessimists argue that the family is collapsing; optimists counter that it is merely diversifying. Too often, both camps begin with a historical, static notion of what the family was like before the contemporary period. We have one set of best sellers urging us to reaffirm traditional family values in an era of family collapse. And another promising to set us free from traditional family traps if we can only turn off “old tapes” and break out of old ruts. The complexity of our history and even our personal experience gets buried under the weight of an idealized image. Families have always been in flux and often in crisis; they have never lived up to nostalgic notions about “the way things used to be.

 Let us go back to what it initially was, enjoying a cozy and pure love relationship with God, our creator.


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