Consequences Of Sexual Sin

Consequences Of Sexual Sin 

Do Not Arouse Or Awaken Love Until It So Desires; Sex Outside Marriage Always Hurt Someone. Sex Sin Usually Feeds A Growing Fire Of Lust In Your Mind.

As an author and publisher, God has enabled me to publish life-changing books of immense use to teenagers, adults – men & women, parents, and guardians. My first published book in 2004 is “PAUSE – Talking Sex (God’s Perspective).” The book was written as a guide for adolescents and parenting adults; it calls for restoring sexual appetite to God’s perspective. I first aired the content of “PAUSE” at a ‘Talking Sex’ seminar organized by Apostle Paul Toju Ofosanren of the Redeemed Worldwide Bible Church, Lagos, where I was a resource person.


I improved the content by speaking to youths of several other Christian denominations on the same topic. Through their confessions, commitments, and charges, these youths gave me the impetus to produce the book. Also, I interacted with and counseled women on marriages and love life.


One of the things created by God that have, however, been bastardized is sex. Sexual sin produces consequences that affect those involved deeply. Sexual immorality can never be justified by two individuals simply because they claim to love each other. Here are some examples of the consequences of sexual sin:


Sex Sin Defiles The Body And Damages Its Ability To Fulfil God’s Purposes.

Sex sin is unique in that we commit it against our bodies (1 Corinthians 6:17). Our bodies exist as temples of God’s Spirit. When you allow sex sin, you dishonor your body and defile God’s temple. You will also defile the people that you are in sin, and your lack of respect for the body damages your relationship with God.


Sex Sin Grieves God’s Spirit.

Any sin we commit grieves God’s Spirit, which puts out the “Fire” of the Holy Spirit. The more we quench God’s Spirit, the less we are inclined to live a changed life in righteousness. Sensibility becomes low as the Spirit’s influence becomes low. 


Sex Sin Forms A Stronghold For Evil In Your Life.

When you sin repeatedly, you give evil an increasingly protected place in your life. The more you give in to your sinful lusts, the more they control you. Sexual strongholds are mighty since they involve your body, soul, and Spirit.


Sex Sin Can Bring A Curse On You, Your Partner, And/Or Your Children.

Sex sin gives Satan a right to oppress you and your descendants through curses. The scriptural basis for generational curses is in Exodus 34: 6 – 7. Promiscuity, adultery, divorce, infertility, frigidity, and other reproductive problems can sometimes be traced to curses arising from sexual sin.


Sex Sin Can Give Evil Spirits Footholds To Influence Your Life.

The most famous is David’s sin with Bathsheba. His adultery with Bathsheba and murder of her husband produced family strife, the death of his son, and opportunities for enemies to blaspheme God.


Sex Sin Can Bring Spiritual Confusion.

Spiritual confusion begins when you start pursuing the pleasures of sin and disregard your conscience of right and wrong. The more you pursue sin, the more your conscience becomes dull. A dull conscience causes you to be susceptible to the enemy’s lies which will draw you progressively farther from God. Eventually, you may not even think your actions are sinful, and your ability to repent can be hindered.


Sex Sin Can Cause Emotional Confusion.

Sex creates emotional bonds (Soul Ties) with your sex partner. These bonds vary in strength depending on the relationship. God intended an emotional bond for marriage partners. But when you bond with people other than your spouse through sex, emotional confusion results, especially since there’s no form of commitment to these other people. This confusion can manifest in many ways, such as:

  • Recurring dreams and/or thoughts about your lover or former lovers.
  • Inability to achieve complete emotional intimacy with your spouse.
  • Regret or bitterness towards people who hurt you in past relationships to the extent of destroying the present.
  • Comparing your spouse with a former lover(s) in sexual performance.
  • Distorted understanding of ‘True Love’ (corrupted by lust or other selfishness).
  • Increased promiscuity in an attempt to find true intimacy and love
  • Developing unusual sexual appetite and hunger for past lovers. 


Sex Sin Causes Lasting Memories.

Sex memories are created in our brains with the help of particular hormones released during sexual arousal. The devil uses these memories to condemn you and keep you in bondage to lust. These memories cause difficulties in your sexual relationship with your spouse.

Here are some examples:

  • Your sexual experience with your spouse is corrupted by thoughts of your former lovers or pornographic images you may have viewed.
  • You idolize past sexual partners, especially when you encounter difficulties in your marriage.
  • You feel less satisfied with your spouse’s sexual performance.
  • Your mind is conditioned to gratify your lusts through sex instead of showing true love and affection.
  • You get angry and resentful when your spouse won’t help you relive past sexual experiences or perform sex acts you have seen in pornography.


Sex Sin Can Produce Unloved Or Unwanted Children.

Sexual sin has helped to devalue human life such that babies are discarded (thrown away) as rubbish on an altar of convenience, pleasure, and rebellion. You get pregnant when you are not ready to be a parent or mature enough to be a father or mother.


Sex Sin Can Expose You To Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

There are many different kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which bring unpleasant symptoms. The worst of these diseases ‘AIDS’ can cause death.


Sex Sin Can Destroy Marriages And Families.

Adultery often destroys marriages and families. The husband and the wife will suffer emotional, spiritual, and even physical damage when the fidelity bond is broken. Memories created during a marriage breakup can last the lifetime of the family, and one can feel the effects for up to four generations.


Sex Sin Can Lead To An Unbridled Pursuit Of Lust And Perversion.

Sex sin usually feeds a growing fire of lust in your mind. If you continue to feed that fire, you can easily drift further into decadence. Paul described this state as indulgence in every impurity, with a continual lust for more.


Sexual temptations are difficult to withstand because they appeal to the standard and natural desires that God has given us. Sexual appetite is something God placed in us, but when you let it dictate your decision, you become a slave to it. Apostle Paul advocates a life of Purity. There are sexual bondages, and I will highlight some forms of sexual bondage.


Sexual Bondage:

It is worthwhile at this point to discuss sexual bondages. Several factors cause sexual bondages. These are some of the factors already identified:

  1. Sexually abused as a Child
  2. Regeneration of sexual curses
  3. Egyptian sexual bondage
  4. Wizardry (Witches & Wizard) sexual torment
  5. Principalities & power sexual prison
  6. Sex in dreams
  7. Visionary orgasms
  8. Water spirit sexual bondage
  9. Demonic sexuality
  10. Sperm devourer leading to low or/and no sperm count
  11. Unusual sexual traits
  12. Legion sexual bondage
  13. Multiple sexual partnerships

All the listed sexual bondages are demonic. Only God can truly deliver anyone involved in any. Memories of sexual sin can be hard to remove from minds, and it can be challenging if you cherish the particular sexual sin you are committing. If you want to gain complete victory, you will have to stop lusting over the memories of the past. The first step is to ask God to remove your pleasure from the sin and help you to surrender them. 


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