Chasing The Wind (1)

The article Chasing The Wind will be in a series, and I am serializing it in six pieces. Chasing The Wind’ is a word borrowed from the Bible, specifically from the book of Ecclesiastes. King Solomon, the wisest king on earth, authored Ecclesiastes. The purpose is to spare future generations the bitterness of learning through their personal experience that life is meaningless apart from God.

The principles from Jesus’ teachings govern human effectiveness and natural laws in the fundamental human dimensions. The reality of these principles becomes evident to anyone who thinks deeply and examines the cycles of social history. The degree to which one recognizes and lives in harmony with these principles moves one toward either survival and stability or disintegration and destruction. Christians should concentrate on the absolutes and essentials of Christianity, not forsaking the purposeful non-essentials. Following the non-purposeful, non-essentials are only Chasing the Wind.

The fear of the LORD keeps the sinful nature in check. The Fear of God causes a pursuit of righteousness to love Him for the ever-expanding volume of His Grace. LORD and LORDSHIP are giving back to God the controls of our lives so that He may use us to accomplish and fulfill His Will. Family values have been debased, and the string of family unity is overstretched or cut. Husbands cannot be trusted as fathers. Wives are no longer trusted and are faded instead of being inestimable jewels. Children are rude, disobedient, and do not honor their parents.

Real homes have become rare, especially when many homes parade tenants camouflaging as families. Love is discarded into the baggage bag. Renewal and determination are vital points, but there is a need for a positive paradigm shift toward the Christian doctrine. Christians should be aware of the traps of Satan that make people chase the Wind. A relationship with God improves other relationships.

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