Character Development, Service Delivery, and Workplace Ethics 5 (Final)

Some Unethical Behaviours include:

  • Carrying Rumours
  • Misrepresenting working hours
  • Lying to colleagues and supervisors
  • Misuse of employer’s assets
  • Falsifying records or facts
  • Use social networking sites on your employer’s equipment and time instead of your time.
  • Disclosure of your employer’s confidential or proprietary information.

It is essential to be informed of your employer’s ethics policy and code of compliance. As an employee, you must prevent or report ethical violations or breach to the employer or superior offices.

Specific Dilemmas in Workplace include:

  • Perceived discrimination;
  • Perceived harassment;
  • Fear of repercussions;
  • Increased resentment;
  • Reduced productivity
  • Health and hygiene concerns
  • Difficulties in discussing problems and
  • Ineffectiveness.

Positive Attributes of a good employee:

(1). Smiles (Laughter)

(2). Friendly disposition (friendliness)

(3). Sharing

(4). Maintaining Peace

(5). Giving / Generosity

(6). Sympathy

(7). concern

(8). Honesty

(9). Integrity of Purpose

(10). Helpful

(11). Commitment

(12). Hardworking

(13). Initiative

(14). Genuine Service

(15). Going Extra mile and

(16). Mentoring


Good Character, Good Service Delivery, and Good Workplace Ethics only become Personal when such a person is truly spiritually formed (transformed by the Holy Spirit). It takes humility and loss of pride. Perhaps nowhere is God’s way in greater contrast with the world than in the area of pride and humility. The world teaches that you must put yourself first to be great, fulfilled, and successful. Jesus says this is wrong. On the contrary, He says, to be successful, great, and fulfilled in the true sense, you must put God first and live in humility before Him: Luke 14:11; Matt. 23:11,12; 1 Peter 5:5,6. The man that exalts himself, God abases or humbles; the man that humbles himself, God exalts or honors. The choice is ours to fit into the formula where we desire. Where do you fit in?

D.1. Key Questions for Personal Evaluation

  1. Do you have any positive experience that describes your WorkPlace as an inclusive environment where employees and employers can openly discuss the impact of religion or belief on employees?
  2. Have you experienced a number or few negative issues in your workplace that are attributed to the view of anyone that religion or belief is a private matter and should not be discussed in the workplace?
  3. Has any employee reported that requests relating to religion or belief issues are not always fairly dealt with, and there should be better guidance on how to achieve this!
  4. Is there a proper balance between the freedom to express religious views and the right of others to be free from discrimination or harassment?
  5. What do we call someone without Integrity? (A hypocrite or two-faced)

D.2. Is this Ethical Behaviour

  1. Is it ethical to take office supplies from work for home use?
  2. Is it ethical to use office time to solicit for personal business or interest
  3. If there are slight defects in the administration, are you obligated to inform on them?
  4. Is it ethical to make personal long-distance calls from the office?
  5. Is it ethical to use office time for personal business (i.e., doctor’s appointment without permission)?
  6. How do you differentiate between a bribe and a gift?
  7. If you exaggerate your credentials in an interview, is this ethical?
  8. Is it immoral to do less than your best in terms of work performance?
  9. Are transfers that break up families a breach of ethics?
  10. How can organizations like yours foster ethical behavior among those working for them?

Ponder on all issues discussed in my 1-5 series, for improvement in Character Development, Service Delivery, and Workplace Ethics. Be Intentional in your improvement.

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