Character Development, Service Delivery, and Workplace Ethics 3


A.3. Six Pillars of Character In a Workplace are:

  1. 1. Trustworthiness: Has Four Dimensions

– Honesty in conduct means playing by the rules, without stealing, cheating, or  perpetrating fraud).

– Integrity

– Reliability (Promise Keeping)

– Loyalty: (requires you to keep some information confidential and to avoid conflicting        interests)

  1.    Respect

– Prohibits violence, humiliation, manipulation, and exploitation;

– Reflects civility, courtesy, and decency;

– Recognizes dignity and the right to make informed decisions;

– Reflects tolerance and acceptance

  1.    Responsibility

– Being in charge of your choices and your life

– Choosing to be on time at work

– Being accountable for what you do and who you are

– Owning up to mistakes when it is your fault

– Doing your best, being diligent, reliable, careful, prepared, and informed

– Knowing when staff meeting or any departmental meeting will be held and reading the                                information your boss gives you.

– Finishing whatever you start

– Looking for better ways to do your work better and

– Exercising self-restraint

  1.    Fairness:

– Involves issues of equality, impartiality, openness, and due process.

– It implies following a balanced standard of justice without letting one’s feelings interfere.

– A fair person gets all the information and looks at all sides before making a decision.

– A fair person makes decisions without favoritism or prejudice.

– A fair person corrects mistakes promptly and voluntarily.

  1.    Caring

– Caring is at the heart of ethics and ethical decision-making

– Caring is being concerned about the welfare of others

  1.    Citizenship

– Citizenship includes the attitudes and things we do that define how we should behave as part of a            larger community.

– The community is Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, where you work.

– A good citizen does more than their “fair” share to make the community work.

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A.4. Reputation Is what people THINK you are.

  • Truthful • Submissive • Humble • Sensitive • Loyal •Friendly • Hospitable • Diplomatic (tactful, cooperative) • Transparent (open, teachable, frank, sincere, receptive) •Forgiving • Obedient • Compassionate •Disciplined (self-controlled) • Faithful (dependable) • Pure (holy, godly) • In Control of Tongue • Innovative (resourceful) • Available, Feasible, Adaptable• Discerning • Self-assured • Generous • Patient, Gentle, Calm • Bold, Courageous, Forceful • Punctual • Humorous • Decisive • Confident • Grateful • Neat in Appearance/Dress • Sensible • Wholehearted (driven, persevering, thorough, diligent) • Enthusiastic (cheerful) • Optimistic

Character is what God knows you are.

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