A Sermon: The Blood of Christ

A Sermon: The Blood of Christ:

Happy Sunday & Happy Week. JOES is preaching on the Pulpit today, and I am preaching the Word of God today as an article.


The pouring out of Blood symbolized the release of Life. Christ confirmed He is Life. The Cross represents Christ’s Crucified. God slew animals, using their skins to cover the nakedness of Adam and Eve when they sinned in Genesis 3. This action was representative and showed that the Blood on the Cross was already in the heart of God. God fulfilled His promise when Christ willingly shed His Blood on the Cross over 2000 years ago. The Historic Status of the Cross about the shed Blood of Christ symbolizes Christian Faith. The Cross is where Jesus died, and Jesus’ sinless death is why sinners can have Life. The shedding of Christ’s Blood is significant, and the Power of the shed Blood is very potent.

Main Idea:

The Importance of and Power in the Shed Blood of Christ.

Body Of Message:

1. What is the importance of the Blood of Christ on the Cross?

  • The Great Sacrifice
  • The death of a Lamb without blemish
  • A new Covenant that sets Mankind free from the 1st Covenant

2. What is the Power in the Shed Blood of Christ on the Cross?

  • Concept of Power
  • Power and Blood Relationship
  • Power in the Blood of Jesus
  • Power in the shed Blood of Jesus and relationship to our daily living


  • Cain and Abel
  • The Passover
  • Noah on Mount Arafat
  • Abraham with Isaac
  • Israel as in 1st Covenant; peak was Isaiah prophecy in 53:4-7
  • Jesus Christ’s death, Resurrection, and Ascension
  • Peter and other Disciples
  • Dramatic Change of Saul (Paul)


  • Freedom from Sin’s Power
  • Freedom from death’s sting to serve the living God
  • Ability to forgive others as we have been forgiven
  • Cleansed Consciences and Belief in the shed Blood of Christ to open the door for our miracles, signs, and wonders
  • Redeemed to be Justified and Sanctified for Holy living
  • Transformed Lives
  • Power over Principalities, Demons, and Spiritual forces in high places


Believe in the LORD Jesus Christ, NOT about Him. Trust in His shed Blood on the Cross, which is why we daily plead Christ’s Blood in our lives. The Blood on the Cross, the Shed Blood of Christ, indeed surpasses the Cultus because it is willing human sacrifice rather than an involuntary animal offering. The Shed Blood purifies the Conscience rather than merely dealing with external impurities. The Blood is an atonement for our sins and brings about transformation in our lives with its potency, strength, and Power and makes us a new being in Christ Jesus.

Invitation and Prayer:

Let us purge ourselves of Spiritual pride and thoroughly search as we probe our hearts with these questions.

  1. Do you have any doubt in the Power of the shed Blood of Christ?
  2. Do you secretly seek mystical Power rather than trust in the Blood of the Cross?
  3. Do you nurse guilt in your heart that separates you from the intimacy with the Living God?
  4. Are you still in the habit of the 1st covenant of sacrificing animals instead of Faith in the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on the Cross?
  5. Are you involved in any occultism practice to help your ministry?
  6. Do you believe in the occult for your miracles, signs, and wonders?
  7. Are you so obsessed with Church activities that you neglect your spiritual development and fellowship with God in your quiet time?

There is nothing to be ashamed of. Christ shed His precious Blood on the Cross, your reconciliation with God the Father, Look up to the Cross, Confess your sins. It is the time of renewal between you and God. Look unto Him that was Crucified, appeal to the shed blood of Christ as you close your eyes in prayer. You need to be saved, now is the time. Do not procrastinate; the next minute might be late. You need the Power in the shed blood; seek and pray for it.

It is available to all who ask for the Power. Talk to God and as you place your hand on your chest, say after me:

Lord Jesus, I now confess my sinful condition. I am a sinner; you died on the Cross for my sins. I have left undone those things I should do and done those I should not do. I plead the Blood shed on the Cross for me and others. The Bible says that you rose from the dead to redeem and justify me. I invite you to purify my Conscience and come into my heart. Take complete control of my life and make me the person you want me to be. Help me live as a child of the light. Thank you, Jesus Christ, my LORD, and Savior.


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